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Ons doel is om alle business activiteiten rond het MKB in 1 gemakkelijke oplossing te consolideren.
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MYCO Suite is a product of IJO Technologies. We are a group of Dutch, Swedish, Australian and Chinese entrepreneurs that want to make life simpler for small and medium sized businesses. For many years we have worked with and compared many different business tools. The problem is that all information was spread over 4 to 5 different systems that had nothing to do with each other, causing duplicated data, more chance on human errors and a waste of time. Simple flows such as; billing time records to customers and simple collaboration features are difficult in single trick systems.

Our goal is to do this better and create one environment where you can work with your colleagues, understand what’s going on in your company and have only one login account for checking your CRM database, Your sales funnel, Projects, Documents, Calendars, Tasks, Invoices, Expenses, Human resource planning, etc.

The best of all is that you do not need to be an IT expert to setup your account. Just enter your email address in the home page and follow the instructions. Your professional IT infrastructure can be ready within a minute! And for a price of $15 per month (equals $0.50 per day) you have your professional business solution for less than the price of a cup of coffee per day.

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Important fix released today: Chinese language support
There was an issue with Chinese character support. This is now resolved.
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New Release: Standard projects can set a time budget
We released a very simple feature today. It is now possible to set time budgets on sta...
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January: New Features this month
- Automated number assigning to new accounts ...
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The MYCO Suite Team wishes you a Happy 2014!
2013 has been a great year in terms of adding another vertical to our product. MYCO Su...
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"Alle informatie is goed georganiseerd en geeft de gebruiker genoeg informatie dat makkelijk via het dashboard te begrijpen is."
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